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Wandering Wednesday – More Dresden!

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“Travel like Ghandi, with simple clothes, open eyes and an uncluttered mind.” – Rick Steves

Day two of Dresden was still cold, but we braved the outside to check out the sites some more. There were still markets open, and it reminded me a bit of the Renaissance Faire out here in the spring. XD

First thing in the morning we did go to the Green Vault, which I wish I could have had pictures from. If you haven’t heard of this museum before, check out the wiki page. XD The previous jewels in there are just…mind blowing. I did get this picture while we were waiting to get in.


Then of course food.


Since it was daytime we got to walk through one of the churches, where this was on display within it. It stood out in the white space in an eerie and sad way.

Remnant from the church after the bombing

We spent more time walking around to get to the New Masters Gallery in order to see the pieces they had by Caspar David Friedrich, one of my favorite artists. *flutters* Again, no cameras allowed, which was such a bummer for me. But I have the Google art gallery, and that place is so great, if you haven’t checked it out.


The museum itself had really interesting architecture. I felt like I could just sit in the lobby for hours and meditate. OR stay in there because it was so warm. >.>

Space within the museum

The end of the night was topped off with this delicious bratapfel dessert, where they bake the apple then pour in a vanilla sauce, and whipped cream, sometimes cinnamon, and I don’t even remember there was so much delicious stuff happening.


That’s it for Dresden! The next day the weather was just getting worse, so we made a run for it back to Berlin.


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