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It’s April! I’m Still Alive! [I think. . .]

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HOLY wow, the last month was crazy, you guys.

This month is looking to be less with the crazy, though now I am packing my schedule full with social responsibilities to make up for my lack of it the past 1.5 months. But work hard, party harder, right? ;)

So, gonna check myself in here.

  1. Get an agent. I just finished going through a second round of copy edits! I’m using the book Self-Editing For Fiction Writers, and it’s been SO helpful and so eye-opening, I’m so thankful to my Aunt for getting it for me. Now that I’ve red-lined the hell out of my manuscript, it’s time to get back to the computer and make all these edits. If all goes well, I might even have a new version ready for concept edits next month. So I might be able to make summer my query season. I feel like of all my goals, this is the one I have been the most on track with in comparison!
  2. Get healthy [again].  I fell of the wagon of working out and eating right. Working 12+ hours just doesn’t help with that. Though I could have been eating much worse, it still wasn’t the best. I am going to start waking up earlier to work out in the morning – I find that waiting until the evening just leaves for lots of things to happen that can get in the way – working late, dinner plans pop up, or I’m just exhausted. So I am hoping that this new schedule will help me stay on track.
  3. Get writing [more]. I’ve been super focused on editing, but I am trying to squeeze in more time for just writing. I bought a new little notebook I can write quick stories in. \o/
  4. Get more German. I fail at this. >.<

So I will leave you with this picture from my trip to Boston – Paul Revere’s grave marker!



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