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Today I Met Two Dolphins!

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“Never trust a species that grins all the time. It’s up to something.” ― Terry Pratchett

I grew up in Southern California. I was raised with the beach nearby, spending summer days in the ocean. I was very fortunate, and it also gave me a deep respect for the ocean and the life within it.

When I was younger, my dream was to work at Sea World. That didn’t work out, but I still have a deep passion for the creatures of the sea. I’ve never had the opportunity to really be up close and personal with my favorite though, dolphins.

Picture 124

Three years ago we were in Hawaii for my birthday and a school of dolphins were swimming alongside us and I nearly lost my shit, I was so excited to see wild dolphins so close. Seriously. I just looked through the videos I took from that trip and I sound so crazy it would just be embarrassing to post them.

Okay check that, I found one without my voice.

Today though MH and I went to Sea World and got Fun Cards, which means we can go for the rest of the year without paying. Which is a great deal, if you live in SoCal, guys. In addition, I signed myself up for the Dolphin Encounter [MH didn’t want to participate, I asked, I swear]. This isn’t the one where you can get in the water with the dolphin, but it was still worth it. I was with a small group, and we all got to touch, feed, and practice training with two 3 year old dolphins. Just little babies!

Meeting Monty!

Meeting Monty!

It was totally worth it, and afterwards I was tearing up, I was so happy. In the summer we will probably both do the Dolphin Interaction, where you can get in the water to interact with them.

We will also be spending a LOT more time at Sea World this year. I’m not sure MH completely understands what he has gotten himself into, haha.

Along with this encounter today, I also fed the rays for the first time. Which was a little terrifying, I have to admit, and I kept moving my hand before the poor things could get the fish from me. I think it was just the feeling as they started to suck along my hand! Next time will be better, I swear. We also ‘met’ an adorable seal who was blind, but would bob up and down in the water and WAVE his cute freaking front flipper [right? paw? er], and after feeding him would slap his flipper on the water as if demanding another. We have named him Herbert. I wanted to call him Thor but we decided on that. XD

So far, February is pretty awesome.


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