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It’s February! Whaaaaat?

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Guys, I really can’t believe it’s already February. Here is a check in on my goals.

  1. Get an agent. I feel I’ve taken some great leaps towards this step. I have printed out my entire MS and am currently editing it like crazy, and finding some great ways to improve it. I’ve also gone through my 2013 Writer’s Market book for novels and found a lot of great agents in there. Next step is to set them up in tiers for when I want to start sending out query letters. BBjY5xKCIAAja3x
  2. Get healthy [again]. I have cut out dairy almost completely from my diet now, and while that was a tough decision, I have already been feeling loads better. I have also been using an awesome Pilates DVD to work out almost every day, which is a better track record than how I was doing when I was going to an actual class. For anyone interested, it’s the Core Fusion 30 Day Sculpt. I’m really loving it, but I feel that it is designed for people who have previous experience with Pilates/Yoga since it moves so quickly and doesn’t take time to explain positions.
  3. Get writing [more]. This is one goal I haven’t gotten back into completely. I need to push on this more! It’s so challenging to get a balance in life. Oy! Does editing count? No?
  4. Get more German. January was a crazy month, but I hope that February allows for more time so that I can get back into German lessons.

I hope that everyone had a great start to the new year! Here’s to a great February! Isn’t there a game today or something? Stay safe!


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