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Wandering Wednesday – Live From Dresden!


Germany is cold, but not as cold as it was last time I was here for the holidays. Only 4-5 degrees celsius. XD

Today we went to Dresden, and spent the evening walking through the Christmas Market. The markets have been a happening thing in Dresden since 1434, making it one of the oldest markets.

And here are some pictures, that I took with my nose, because I refused to take my gloves off. Also with my phone instead of my camera. XD

A Christmas Pyramid

A Christmas Pyramid


View of the market

Not sure if we will have a White Christmas yet, but we shall see!


4 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – Live From Dresden!

  1. It’s -2 degrees C in Wenatchee right now! So come Saturday I’ll be joining you in the bundling up and White Christmasing!

    Target actually had gloves with special knitting on the pointer finger and thumb for touch-screens! Those will come in handy because I’m pretty sure I won’t remove them the entire week and a half!

    Fröhliche Weihnachten!

    Note: I found that on google so if it actually means something inappropriate, blame the internets :)

    • Oh wow, it is actually colder there than here! For now, at least. XD I did see those gloves and was tempted to get them, but I can’t use my phone here anyways so D;

      And yes that is correct and not inappropriate! 8DDD

  2. I have a few friends that are from Germany… but they live in the US right now. They don’t back to visit that often.

    I wish it was warmer in KY! The cold absolutely SUCKS! I can’t stand it. Everyone gets sick =(

    Have fun!

    Christmas Eve is tomorrow!


    • Ya, as a southern Californian, the cold is something I am not used to at all. If it were up to me I probably wouldn’t be outside half as much as I have been. XD

      Stay warm with the blizzard that’s hitting your side of the states! Happy holidays!

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