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Wandering Wednesday – Southern Italy [Part 4] One More Pompeii Post


“The Creator made Italy from designs by Michaelangelo.” –Mark Twain

I know I know, I’m posting a lot of pictures from Pompeii. Imagine if I had been there for longer than a 1.5 hours! I’m even holding back and only posting the most interesting ones.

I apologize in advance if I don’t make much sense. I’m a bit drugged up between dayquils and nasal spray and cough drops and wooo my head. Colds are dumb, but I need to get over this so I can concentrate on my last week of work before holiday break WOOOO.

Okay, so for my last Pompeii post, I wanted to just post some pictures of the buildings we saw that I found interesting.

First up is a house that we visited, which was an interesting glimpse into the home life of someone in Pompeii.

Cruise 2012 1198

The welcome guests engraved on the ground in front of the door.

Cruise 2012 1199

The entrance way still maintains some of the paint and decor from its time. Our guide said the shelves above would have been where small statues of the gods would be.

Cruise 2012 1203

This garden was particularly crazy to me. They were able to find seeds in the ash, and could identify the seeds and where they were planted. So this garden is actually a replica of how it would have looked the day of the eruption. Also, a garden inside a home. *mind blown*

Cruise 2012 1216

Moving along back to the streets of Pompeii, we saw an ancient “Beware the Dog” sign.

Cruise 2012 1227

And also what seemed to be like a fast food restaurant, where food was kept in terra cotta bowls and then served.

Cruise 2012 1226

And then what looked to be a pizzeria! Okay, maybe just where they made bread, BUT STILL.

Cruise 2012 1240

It’s amazing to think of what else there is to see in Pompeii, and I really hope to go back again someday. It’s really something, to walk through this city, knowing that it just suddenly stopped being. It didn’t decay or become ignored by humans over time. It was just preserved. So eerie, too.

We ended our day in Southern Italy with some gelato, of course!

Cruise 2012 1260

Next week is my last week in the states before we are off to Germany for the holidays! It’s really, really cold there, you guys. D;;;;


2 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – Southern Italy [Part 4] One More Pompeii Post

  1. You’re so lucky to have gone there! I love visiting old ruins; it’s so fascinating to imagine what things were like before.
    Of course, the gelato looks good too. Nothing beats a good Italian gelato. :)

    • It’s still a bit surreal when I think back on it and look through these pictures, that I visited these places. I never dreamed I would actually get to one day! I’m so grateful that I got the experience. And the gelato! XD

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