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End of November and I Finished NaNoWriMo!

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With the end of November came the end of NaNoWriMo, and with it many writers let either out a sigh of relief or screams of rage and fury as the clock counted down to midnight.

I’ve been in both places. It’s not always fun. This time, though, I hit 50k and hadn’t even finished the story yet – which is a first for me.

I tried some new tactics for writing this time. I used Scrivener, which I really enjoyed for its organizational tools. However, since I use it on a PC, I was very upset when I could easily sync programs on different devices so that I could take my work with me to Indiana. It caused at least a good hour of frustration in first, discovering this, and second, then needing to reformat everything I wrote in Indy because I had to use Google docs.

But aside from that, I do feel that using Scrivener really helped me organize my thoughts. Prior to November I had written up an outline, something I have really not done before. Sure I had ideas of what I wanted to happen, but this was a chapter by chapter plot outline.

It was only frustrating when the characters wouldn’t listen to what I wanted them to do and would skip along doing their own thing, so my outline was rewritten at least three times during the month. Writers aren’t crazy, right? >.>

Here is my book cover that I made, using a picture I took in Olympia!


I haven’t written historical fiction before, but I got this idea when we were in Olympia about a romance between a trainer and his athlete [of appropriate by today’s standards age of course], and the trials they would face in actually maintaining a romantic relationship. I’ve really enjoyed all the research I’ve been doing, and though I miss my other characters it was fun to delve into something completely different than what I’ve been working on. So perhaps this story will become more than just a NaNo project one day in the future! It’s not finished yet, I think it will end closer to 60k.

But I am taking a break from working on books this month. December is crazy, and I’m getting a cold, my day job is stressing me out beyond belief, so I just need. . . to breathe. I love writing, but it has become my second job without pay. So I needed to put it down until after the holidays.

Anyone else ever have times like that?

So anyways, on to December! Three days in already, oy! I still have so much holiday shopping to do and cards to make! See you all Wednesday!


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