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Wandering Wednesday – Southern Italy [Part 3] More Pompeii!

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Our journey through Pompeii continues!

Continuing on within the marketplace, here are some examples of the art on the wall, showing that even then there were 3D elements being applied.

And now, if you are squeamish at all about bodies, I would ask that you probably just look somewhere else.

One of the most interesting parts about Pompeii is that not only were the buildings preserved, but bodies were as well. Plaster, and then eventually clear resin, was poured into voids in the ash layer in order to preserve the remains as best as possible. What we are left with are terrifying glimpses into the panic of the people in those last moments in Pompeii.

The bones are visible in his feet. D;

Teeth are also visible D;


Aside from in this place, there were also storage units it seemed that held more bodies.


They believe she was pregnant D;


While these are amazing pieces of time, I also find it sad to see how these people were fighting for their last moments.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! I hope that everyone who is celebrating has a great day full of family and good food. My thanksgiving dinner isn’t until the weekend, so I get a day to sit back and relax and catch up on NaNoWriMo. Woot!




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