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Wandering Wednesday – Southern Italy [Part 1]

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“This post is brought to you by celebratory wine on election night” — Me

Ah, southern Italy. I would totally live there one day. It seems like my kind of place when the tour guide balks at the idea of waking up and exercising before 10am.

Our day in Southern Italy first took us to the Amalfi Coast, for a relaxing ferry ride.

The view from the road

The coast is really beautiful and interesting. There isn’t a lot of room for agriculture, so it’s cool to see how they manage with the steep terrain of the coastline.

There were also a lot of ruins of castles along the coast.

We stopped at the city of Amalfi.

This city is really tiny, but also great for a quick bite of gelato, or coffee, and to people watch.

And 10am is never too early for gelato. . .

And I got a close up shot of how the agriculture is handled in this rough terrain.

Next week I will start posting pics from our trip to Pompeii, one of my favorite visits of the whole cruise. Until then!


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