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Wandering Wednesday – Turkey! [Part 3 – the last one!]

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“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Is everyone ready for NaNoWriMo? No? Me neither! Sweet! XD

Continuing on with our walk through Ephesus!

The Library of Celsus is near the end of the walk through the city – and it is stunning.

The library was built in honor of the Roman Senator Tiberius Julius Celsus Plemaeanus. It had stored 12,000 scrolls and was also a tomb for the senator.

Inside the library ruins

Everything was destroyed thanks to earthquakes over the years; but the facade was rebuilt.

View of the library, and the entrance to the market on the right

Fun fact: It was built facing this way so that the morning light hit the reading rooms best.

Next we headed over to the theater!

The Great Theater

This theater is said to be the largest outdoor theater in the ancient world.

The view from farther away, to see just how big it is!

We didn’t have as many pictures as I could have taken because a whole huge school group of children chased us away [okay not literally but there were a lot of them].

Last we went around the market in the Kusadasi port. Our group was taken to a Turkish carpet demonstration. We didn’t get a carpet, but we did have delicious tea! I tried the chai, and my husband had the apple. Both were so good!

The marketplace was definitely interesting – but I don’t handle disappointing people well, so having to walk away from all the smiles and attempts at getting us into each store was terrifying for me.

I did buy something from a small jewelry shop though! The whole experience is very interesting – we spent 45 minutes in the store just chatting until we finally haggled and made the sale. He looked for anything to connect with us on, and it was actually nice to have someone show interest in us as a customer. So terrifying yet fun? Ha!


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