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Wandering Wednesday – Turkey [Part 2]

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“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

My lack of a post last week was due to working tons and also having to prepare for Yaoi Con! It was tons of fun, and I will be doing a post for it for Chicks With Crossbows soon.

The second part of our trip in Turkey to us to the House of the Virgin Mary, located on Mt. Koressos near Ephesus. We were curious about what the state of the house was, how they knew who lived there, etc, and so we had selected to go here.

The belief is that Mary lived in this house after fleeing with Saint John, and until her Assumption [in which, according to Catholic belief, her entire body was taken up to Heaven, hence no remains to identify her]. We did ask at one point if they had found any remains, and the tour guide promptly said they had, but not of Mary “because there wouldn’t have been a body, obviously.”

Not my words, hers. Whatever, it’s cool, I wasn’t questioning your beliefs, just trying to get some facts straight.

The road leading up to the house is tiny and a little scary, especially when in a big tour bus. When the house was found, there was just a small foundation left, so it has been rebuilt with how they believe it looked based on those stones.

The red stones along the bottom were the original foundation

There were no pictures allowed inside of the house, but it was small and just had memorabilia of Mary. If you ever visit here, just know that they consider this to be a holy place like a basilica, so the proper dress code is generally enforced when walking through the house.

After that, we were off to the biggest part of our journey, and for us the most exciting one – the city of Ephesus. This was at one point one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean. being a Greek and eventually Roman city. At one point the city had actually been a harbor city, but the water was silted up and eventually cause their trade to fall. There is only a small percent of the city actually unearthed right now.

Alexander the Great visited Ephesus after defeating the Persians. Also, according to our tour guide, Cleopatra and Marc Antony came here on their honeymoon. That’s absolutely crazy, you guys. So of course we had to go! I will stop talking so much now and just get to the pictures!

Walking towards the main road of the city

Ancient version of Backgammon

Our feet on ancient marble

They put these lines in the stone so people wouldn’t slip when it rained. Or for me. 8D

The start of Processional Way

A view of the walk down towards the library

The first set of Terrace houses

The Temple of Hadrian

The public latrine

And just before we get to the library, there was this bath house on the right. The story goes that there was an underground tunnel leading from the library to the bath house, and it was actually a brothel. Ho ho ho!

That’s a lot of photos this week! Next week I will post my pics of the Library and the theater!


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