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Wandering Wednesday – Turkey[Part 1]

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″A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi

The next few weeks, I will be showing pictures of the places we visited in Turkey during our cruise. We decided to go with a tour that took us to three very different and interesting places – St. John’s Basilica, the home of Mary [according to Roman Catholic sacred tradition], and Ephesus.

Though my husband and I aren’t religious, we still had an interest in the history and story behind the first two places. It was about a 40 minute drive to get to the church from where the cruise ship docked – on the way we saw this water park that I had to snap a picture of.

I want to go there!

The basilica of St. John is built around the supposed burial site of John the Apostle. The story goes that he and Mary fled to Ephesus to avoid persecution. Unfortunately there isn’t much left of the church these days.

Walking towards the entrance

Another view

One interesting point that our tour guide made was that at one point, there was this Roman Catholic church, a mosque, and a greek temple all in the same area. It was an interesting concept to think about.

The mosque next to the church

It’s hard to see how the church once looked, at least when walking through it.

A blueprint of how the church once looked

The most intact spot in the basilica was the tomb of St. John.

Looking towards one end…

…to another end

And another view. It was all so hollow and quiet.

Our next stop was the home of Mary, so we had to be on our way. But not before I could get pictures of kitties! I took so many pictures of cats during this trip, it was kind of ridiculous.





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