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Wandering Wednesday – Around A Cruise Ship

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So for our Mediterranean cruise, we traveled with Princess Cruises, on the Crown Princess. There were several things that made us decide this ship was the best, aside from just the destination.

Anytime Dining

Most cruises [so I hear] have just traditional dining. This means that every night you have a specific time that you eat and a specific group of people that you eat with.

This didn’t bode well for my husband and I. We aren’t anti-social by any means, but when we go on vacation we are going to relax and spend time together. For us [okay, more me than anything], the idea of spending dinners with small talk and forcing smiles and all is well, frankly, annoying. Also it’s part of my day job to schmooze and small talk, so I’m burnt out.

SO when we saw that select ships with Princess offered Anytime Dining, we were ecstatic. Not only could we eat at anytime we want, but we could also request to be seated alone, just as though we were going to any other restaurant.

Adult Areas

We don’t dislike children. We just prefer to not be around them all the time. So we were happy to see that there were specific places for adults only on the ship, where we could relax poolside and not have shouting kids around us.

I’m making us sound like terrible people, aren’t I?

I guess the biggest point about us is we like peace, quiet, and relaxation. And things that stress us out [talking to strangers, children, for example] are things we would rather avoid.

Gluten-Free Options

I know I mentioned this previously in my foodie post, but the amount of care that the crew of the Crown Princess took with allergies was amazing. I had the matre’d take my order every single night at dinner, and always brought me an alternate dessert when there wasn’t something gluten-free on the menu.

These options, combined with a beautiful ship, balcony cabin available, and the destination led to us selecting it.

Now that I have talked a lot more than usual, here are some pictures from around the Crown Princess! I notice now that I didn’t take a lot, but that’s probably because when we were on the ship we were usually sleeping or eating.

The view from our table during our anniversary dinner

View at the back of the ship, showing some of one of the adult swimming areas

The Piazza

Beautiful lights above the Piazza

View from the back of the ship looking to the front


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