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Wandering Wednesday – Corfu, Greece [Part 1]

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“I’ve stood upon Achilles’ tomb, And heard Troy doubted: time will doubt of Rome” –Lord Byron

The island of Corfu was our next stop, and like everywhere else we were visiting, has tons of history. For us there were two main places: The Achilleion and the summer palace of Mon Repos.

First stop was the Achilleion. This is a palace that was built by the Austrian Empress Elisabeth, known as Sisi. I felt a little bad here because I hadn’t heard of her [or at least not in my nearest memory], but all the Europeans on the tour seemed to know exactly who she was.

View of the palace as we walked up

Elisabeth loved Greece, and built the palace with Achilles as the central theme.

Statue of the Empress

The story of the Empress is a sad one; she was plagued with depression, and the palace was her refuge.

The front room of the palace

The palace and the grounds around it are beautiful though, and it’s obvious why it was such a peaceful place to the empress.

Walking out back towards the gardens

Outside there are many classic Greek statues in the garden. This one of Achilles faces northward, toward the city. It was actually commissioned after Sisi’s death.

One of the statues of Achilles

And then there is the famous statue, Dying Achilles.

…and then I took an arrow to the heel.

Past these statues is another courtyard, which has been in a James Bond movie apparently called For Your Eyes Only. Forgive, Bond movie fans, for I have never seen it!

Apparently I didn’t take a proper picture of it, but in this shot you can see the black and white floor in the background.

Apparently I have a lot I want to show from Corfu! Next week I will show pictures from Mon Repos palace, and some other sites we saw as we drove around the island and watched a terrible thunderstorm encroach upon us.


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