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Wandering Wednesday – Trsteno!

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“A man doesn’t plant a tree for himself. He plants it for posterity.” – Alexander Smith

Guys, tonight I sent off a query letter.

Well, it was to an instructor of a webinar on writing query letters. But it was pretty terrifying all the same. I can’t imagine how much of a wreck I will be when the time comes to send them out for real. Also, things have been extremely hectic, so I’m behind on EVERYTHING.

Anyways, the Olympics are over, and I’m sad, mostly because I didn’t get to see any of it really. My lack of cable is sad only every four years. So now back on the track of our cruise!

After visiting Ston, we were taken to the small city of Trsteno. The view on the way there was stunning, especially since the sun was coming out after the terrible storm that morning.

I got this shot from a moving bus. BAM.

At Trsteno, we were specifically going to see the arboretum that it is known for. This locale gave us part of the reason why we were glad to go on the planned excursions – I don’t think my husband and I would have had the patience to get to it on our own.

The arboretum is apparently the oldest in that part of the world, built in the late 15th century by a noble family. It includes a Gothic Renaissance park surrounding the house. The area has unfortunately seen a lot of damage over the years, from the Yugoslav wards and forest fires. But despite all this, it is still a peaceful and beautiful place to visit.

The view from the edge of the arboretum.

Some of the pillars definitely look like they’ve been around since the place was built.

There were a lot of flowers of course, but I mostly took close up shots. XD

The back of the house

Behind the house there is an amazing fountain.

I loved that there was still remnants of paint visible.

On the way back, we got a crazy view of our ship at the docks.

I still can’t get over the size of the ship!

Overall, our day in Croatia was a mix of the good and the bad, but it ended on a high note when the weather warmed up!


One thought on “Wandering Wednesday – Trsteno!

  1. Congrats on sending out the query letter, to an instructor or otherwise. I get stomach aches just thinking about it. O.o If I ever manage to finish something decent, I don’t know how I’ll handle the stress.

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