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Friday Flail – Gelato!

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While we were on our Mediterranean cruise, we ate a lot of gelato. I was so excited about eating it, and it tasted amazing everywhere we went. But, there were some highlights. Here are pics of the gelato I flailed over the most!

The first gelato we encountered was in Venice

I had mint chocolate gelato, and the mint was so FRESH it was mind-blowing.

Gelato in St. Mark’s Square

Then I tried the coffee, which was coffee like I’ve never tasted in ice cream before. My husband tried one of their berry ones and it was delish.

In Amalfi we encountered what I thought was the best display of gelato.

Those berries just look amazing!

But then, we had the best gelato hands down in Rome. We took the advice of one of our travel books to find a gelateria called San Crispino. Walking in, it doesn’t look like any other place selling gelato.

All the gelato were in temperature controlled canisters

They had caramel gelato with meringue in it. PIECES. OF. MERINGUE. It couldn’t get more amazing than that. It should also be noted that San Crispino does not serve their gelato in cones because they believe it messes with the flavor. OooOoo 8D

Definitely the best gelato the entire trip!

And those are my favorite gelato moments from our cruise! I do feel like I need to add the disclaimer that yes, I know that gelato isn’t paleo-friendly. But I was in Italy and already couldn’t have pizza or pasta and dammit I was going to have gelato.


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