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Wandering Wednesday – Venice!


“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”–Truman Capote

Okay, here we go. Finally I’m stepping into the pictures from my latest vacation! The first stop on our trip was Venice, Italy. We spent a couple extra days there before the cruise ship left port, and I’m really glad we decided to do that.

The first day there we just got lost in the city, more on the non-tourist side than the busy one. We eventually wanted gelato, and sat along the canal people watching.

The grand canal as the sun was setting

The next morning we woke up early to go to the market. We got up really early by our standards, and managed to get there when a lot of the merchants were still setting up. But it was really cool to see the fresh catches of the day.

After a delicious lunch of gluten free pasta [the only time I had it was in Venice, actually], we went out to St. Mark’s Square

It even came with GF crackers!

St. Mark’s Square was crowded, but also a nice tour. We walked through the basilica, and ate gelato while running away from the pigeons. Those things are really aggressive! D;

When our ship left Venice the next day, we were super lucky to be on the side of the ship with the best view!

Something doesn’t seem right from this angle. . .

And lastly I leave you with a picture of gelato, because well, I ate so much of it.



3 thoughts on “Wandering Wednesday – Venice!

  1. Gelato is always good in Italy!

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