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Wandering Wednesday – Road Trip!

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To celebrate the 4th of July, I thought I would share some pictures that were snapped from my car. More specifically, pictures from a road trip from Pennsylvania to California, in three days.

Three days is crazy to drive across the country, I don’t recommend it. But it was worth it to get one of my closest friends over here. So, this is more of an appreciation post of how beautiful US is, which I realized when I stepped out of the Orange County bubble.

Beautiful sunset in Illinois

As someone who has lived around buildings their whole life, when we hit the mid-west plains it was quite an eye opener.

To be honest, everything looked the same after a while so I don’t remember where this was.

Then I had my first view of the Rockies.

They look so amazing!

Somewhere in Utah I think!

Have a safe and fun Fourth of July, if you are celebrating! I will be at a BBQ at a friends house watching fireworks. Nomnomnom!


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