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“You only fail if you stop writing.” – Ray Bradbury

Sometimes life throws amazing things at you in the midst of something that could be terrible. My parents have officially split [it was a long time coming, that wasn’t the sad part], and my Mom is moving out of the house [and across the country, which is the sad part] that has been my family’s home for almost 30 years.

So, there is a lot of stuff in that house.

Of the many things I expected to find, what I didn’t expect was confirmation that writing is something I am meant to do, in some form or another. Among all the toys and stuffed animals and report cards, I found story after story, poem after poem, and saw that my obsession with writing things in journals started young. No really, there were a LOT of journals.

I wanted to share a few of the things I saved!

This book had some crazy stories, letters to imaginary people, and random poetry. XD

I wrote some crazy nonsensical stuff, but hey, I was writing?

This was something that I think might have been done for a project, but knowing me back when I was a kid I probably took it way too far and everyone else hated me.

By collection I meant one page stories. XD

Well then! Take that anyone who wanted to copy a 5th graders work.

And then there was the dream I once had of turning The Nightmare Before Christmas into a Broadway musical…

Also included: weird doodles of people and tornado destruction

So if anything, this just made me feel happy that after all these years, I am back to writing obsessively again!


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