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Wandering Wednesday – The Palace of Versailles Take Two!

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So I know I already posted two pictures from Versailles, but that place is so amazing, just two pictures doesn’t do it justice. It’s one of my favorite places I’ve visited, even after being on a trip around the Mediterranean. Also, my second book takes place here [hey, write what you know…], it’s really that special to me!

So here are my favorite pictures from the castle Versailles!

In front of the castle – they had started to refurbish it, so the gold looks especially bright!

Me channeling my inner Mary Tyler Moore. Also, it was cold!

I loved the ground of the castle. Everything felt so clean and tidy. These gardens were my favorite.

Stunning designs!

I also visited Marie Antoinette’s hamlet which is a bit farther back from the main bustle of the gardens.

One of the little buildings there

And this is just a shot I love of the back of the castle. The sky was so blue on that day [and I think it was 8pm at night].

I somehow got this picture with almost no one in it


One thought on “Wandering Wednesday – The Palace of Versailles Take Two!

  1. It is lovely, I’ve been there also, but would love to return!

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