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Wandering Wednesday – Disneyland Paris

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Ah ha, you thought I would share all the pics from my trip right away? NOPE. Because I am lazy and I took almost 2,000 pictures, and that’s a lot to go through let me tell you.

Also, I’ve decided to move this weekly post to Wednesdays, partly because yesterday I became accidentally gluten-poisoned so I was useless the whole night and couldn’t post. But I think Wednesdays might work better for me in the end anyways!

Today I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures from Disneyland Paris. I love Disneyland here in southern California. I was a passholder for almost 10 years before it just got way too expensive, even with the payment plan [yes, there is a payment plan]. So getting to go to the theme park in another country was really exciting for me.

The Disneyland Hotel is actually at the entrance to the park, and stretches across the front. So cool!!

I want to stay there like whoa.

And the Haunted Mansion is called Phantom Manor. The story it is based on is pretty dark.

It has more of a Hitchcock creepy vibe than the one out here…

These are around the back of the mansion.

Left: “Kept the Master happy” Right: “Kept the Master happier”

Good old Thunder Mountain. They didn’t have a goat though [if you understand that reference, the /fistbump]!

The best part by far though when stumbling upon this sign:

Seriously, I am a big fan of Peter Pan. I used to run around my backyard when I was a kid pretending that bees were Captain Hook. It led to me getting stung, but Peter Pan didn’t care. And so yes, there was Skull Rock, and I freaked out in the middle of the road.

You would swear I was 5 with the way I acted

So. Freaking. Cool.


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