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I’m Back!


Sort of. . .

My body is not recovering well from the return trip from Europe, hence the lack of a post on Tuesday. But I will be back up and running soon I hope, if my body stops breaking and I start sleeping through the night. I took almost 2,000 pics, so I have plenty of stuff to show for sure.

My book was in what I am calling the third draft, by my standards. I have two friends reading through it now, and MH read it while we were on our trip which was nerve racking. BUT he liked it, and that really means the world to me, especially since it’s not even a book he would necessarily pick up off the shelf.

The next step will be to incorporate all the comments from them, and then prepare it to go to an editor. I want the manuscript to be as prepared as possible when I start pitching. It’s getting a little scary now though! If anyone has any sage advice for someone who is about to jump into the world of query letters and rejection notices, please feel free to share. XD

I leave you for now with this picture of delicious meringue in a shop window in Venice, Italy.

oh nom nom nom



3 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. Oooh. Those look delicious!
    As for advice… well, I always like to keep one thing in mind; many great authors got rejected many MANY times before they finally got published, but they were patient, and so I shall be. It always fills me with optimism. =]

    • Thanks for the advice! I think deep down I know that’s so true, but rejection is definitely never easy, and I’m so terrified about something I’ve been working so hard on being turned down. It’s all part of the process though for sure!

      Also, congrats on your book!! I’ve added it to my “To Read” list for sure!! :D

      • Don’t worry! After the first couple of rejections it becomes easy to handle them. And thank you! I hope you enjoy reading it!

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