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Adventure Time Tuesday – The Pergamon Museum [Part 2]

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Today I’m on a plane headed for Venice, Italy to start our awesome cruise around the Mediterranean! The amount of excitement I feel right now when writing this is beyond containable.

This is part 2 of my adventure in the Pergamon museum! After checking out the altar, we stepped into another room that held yet another huge piece of history, the Market Gate of Miletus.

This was built around 120 AD!

Where the market stood

Next up we checked out the Mshatta Facade. It’s from the 8th century, from a desert castle in Jordan. What I really was amazed by with this structure [and really, so much in the museum] was the amount of detail carved into the bricks.

One of the pillars

A close up of the detail

And here are a few other pieces from throughout the museum. Unfortunately I didn’t always take pictures of the plaques that went with the pieces, but I still wanted to share.

I thought this jewelry was gorgeous

At the risk of sounding silly, I loved that he was carrying a purse


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