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Adventure Time Tuesday – Underwater Pics!

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For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It’s always our self we find in the sea. – e.e. cummings

I really love snorkeling. Scuba diving my ears don’t agree with, but snorkeling is just fine for me. I don’t mind just chilling at the surface of the water and diving down every now and then. So, here are some pics that I’ve taken when underwater!

First up, Hawaii! We were really lucky in that we could go snorkeling just right outside where we stayed. Sadly I never snapped a picture of the giant sea turtles that hung out there somehow!

Also, this was my first time with an underwater camera. I imagine practice will make perfect? XD

Such a bright little fish! 

I really like the light in this shot

Somehow this shot came out super clear!

And now, Fiji! We got to snorkel in a couple different spots around Qamea. One place that was crazy was called the cabbage patch, because the coral looks like cabbage. There were also sharks everywhere, and that was really amazing to see wild sharks.

Here fishy fishy fishy

The sharks were swimming all around us. But they were sand sharks, so as long as we left them alone we were fine.

There is no zoom on the camera, yo.


Giant cabbage!

I don’t know when/where the next place I will get to snorkel is, but I really can’t wait for it!


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