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Adventure Time Tuesday – Blarney Castle!

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So I’ve posted a picture before of me kissing the Blarney Stone, but today I wanted to share some more pictures from that trip. These pictures may look a bit strange- they were taken with a disposable camera! I had a weird malfunction with my camera and it stopped working at the end of my trip to France, which meant that all of my trip to Ireland had to be captured on tiny green cameras.

Rolling green hills

This iteration of the castle is from 1446, and as someone who hasn’t been to too many castles, I was excited. I mean, in Southern California, there aren’t many old buildings. ^^

It’s possible to walk all the way up to the top, but the floors are missing from the center of the castle. It’s a bit disorienting, and crazy to imagine how many floors were actually in it.

Looking down at the chapel

Looking up

The area around the castle is the same as all I saw of Ireland – green and lush.

Looking down

The grounds surrounding the castle were beautiful and druidic, but those pictures will have to wait for another time!


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