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Adventure Time Tuesday – Salton City

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“A desert is a place without expectation.” – Nadine Gordimer

This week, I’m getting a bit more local. Only a little, though. Ever since I was born, my family took camping trips out to a little oasis [as we called it] in Salton City. We just called it going to Salton Sea.

This place is desolate, but also amazing. The tiny geography nerd in me loves seeing all the seashells and coral fossils throughout the desert, and seeing the sea level lines on the mountain range.

Camping in my family is a bit more relaxed though, as we do have an awesome motorhome from the 70s. Because I’m a bit drugged up on Benadryll, though [oh man I’m a big wuss], I’ll keep this short.

One of the many trails we go running around in, Truckhaven Trail.

Some of the history of this whole area is also really interesting! A view of the trail:

This is an awesome little oasis in the middle of nowhere. Also, as the signage says, there are always bottles of water at the oasis, and a notebook where people can leave messages.

And now I have to go potentially fall asleep! 8D


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