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The End of Another Month – Oy!

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March feels both productive and not productive all at the same time. Really, that’s the life of someone with too many hobbies.

This month my goals were:

But then a little video game called Mass Effect 3 came out. . .

So. Epic.

And I was lost for about 50 hours of the month. Which, when one is also working 12 hours of overtime a day because work is crazy, that doesn’t allow for time for much else. Luckily, my husband is working on his MBA and also a gamer, so we are pretty much in the same boat. And I mean, how could I deny this face.

Stop being so sexy, Commander Shepard.

So the goal to edit all the comments refers to the last 2 months of editing I have been doing. The current goal is to go through all these comments now, making all the changes, adding scenes, removing scenes, etc. Hopefully when this is done, I will have a third draft, and then the scary stuff really starts. D:

Well, not so scary, but really, the idea that my goal of starting to hunt for an agent by summer will actually happen is crazy. Even though I am a little behind, I left plenty of extra time in my schedule just in case. Can you tell I have to sometimes plan things for my day job?

These goals will all transition into April, and then by May 22 I hope to have this sent to either an editor, or to a select group of people I trust who also write for a cursory look. I go on vacation May 22 and won’t be back until June, so hopefully I can get this all done beforehand so I am not stressing while on the trip.

I’m also trying to kick myself in the face and back into the swing of eating properly. Working long hours is extremely stressful and is the quickest way for me to fall off the Paleo wagon. But now those days are done, until the next crunch, so I am back to Paleoplan’s meal plan help to get us through the week. 8D

So, April, time to get moving!!


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