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Adventure Time Tuesday – Mont Saint-Michel!

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“To err is human. To loaf is Parisian.” -Victor Hugo

Another portion of my 2008 summer trip in France was a drive up through the country and into Normandy. The highlight aside from Claude Monet’s home was when we went to Mont Saint-Michel.

Driving towards the island

This little island is packed tight but is amazing to be on. It’s a tidal island, so at one point in the day the tide actually rises up and people need to have their cars out of certain lots in order to avoid them being caught up in the sea. Which apparently, since I was there, is all under construction with new parking so this isn’t the case in the future.

[For video game lovers like me, this place is also a multiplayer map for Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood and Revelations *fangirl*]

Walking up towards the church is like being sent back in time. The streets are so narrow and they are bustling with people and shops and food.

Making our way through the crowd

Inside the church [or abbey] the architecture is pretty amazing. I felt like I was in a World of Warcraft dungeon [wow my geek cred is showing in this post!].

A view of the gardens and halls surrounding it

The story for this place goes that the archangel Michael came down and told a bishop do build the church. My favorite part of the story was that apparently the bishop at first said “No,” and so Michael started to burn a hole in his head until the guy said yes. At first I didn’t quite believe it, but then we came across this:

I said BUILD!

Cracked me up so much.

I leave you with one last picture of a view looking up at the church that I really think shows how epic in scale this place is.

Looking up


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