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Adventure Time Tuesday – Lanai

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“Never trust a species that grins all the time. It’s up to something.” – Terry Pratchett

Ah, I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I posted. That’s what working 12+ hours a day AND an awesome blockbuster video game all coming out around the same time does. Unfortunately I have time today to blog because I am home sick. BUT hey, free time is free time, these days.

For today’s post, I wanted to show some pictures of one of our day trips we took when we were on the island Maui in Hawaii.

On the way to sweetheart rock

I had wanted to be able to see dolphins for my birthday, and so we took this trip to see if we could see any. I would post videos that I took, but I am making embarrassing sounds in most of them because of my excitement. Dolphins kept swimming up right along the boat, and they were Spinner Dolphins, which are my favorite. There was a time in my life where I wanted nothing more than to be a marine biologist, and so I have this soft spot for marine life.

The weather in Hawaii was gorgeous. I think I could live between there and Fiji my whole life and be happy. I especially like this picture showing the sun beaming down on us, and the clouds up ahead. For this day trip we were on the small island Lanai.

Sun and clouds

After hanging out at the beach and snorkeling some, we walked over to Sweetheart Rock [or Puu Pehe]. The story goes that Makekehau and Pehe were in love, and Pehe was so beautiful that Makekehau hid her away in a sea cliff at the base of Manele Bay, near where the Sweetheart Rock is. But when he was away one day a storm came in and by the time he returned, Pehe had drowned in the rising water. So in grief, he climbed the rock island [with the help of ancestors] and buried her there, and then promptly jumped off the rock down 80 feet into the rocky water below.

Depressing as the story around it, the view is awesome, and the water was so blue.

On the way back I attempted taking some actual pictures instead of just video, and managed this shot of a dolphin and her calf swimming right next to where I sat.

It's probably for the best you can't hear me

One thing I learned on this trip:

Those boats + high winds + crazy surf = TERRIFYING. I was clinging to my partner so hard once we got going on the way back I think I bruised him. The boat would go FLYING into the air and land and water went everywhere and oh man I was expecting death.

/ends scene awkwardly


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