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Adventure Time Tuesday – Bouma!

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“I’m taking a break from Mass Effect 3 to post this.” -Me

I got the unique opportunity to go to Fiji for our honeymoon last year. We had decided that we would devote most of our funds to the trip, and keep the wedding small. It was the best idea we had.

We went to the small island Qamea [pronounced guh-may-a], which covered the specifics needs we had:

  • No Kids
  • Privacy
  • Snorkeling
  • More privacy

It was our honeymoon! We were allowed to be picky!

Taking the boat from Taveuni to Qamea!

Getting to this little island was quite the journey – first we had to take a regular plane to get to the island Nadi, then took a smaller plane to another island called Taveuni, and then drove in a van to the shore to get on a boat to get to Qamea. All this first thing in the morning. XD

There is so much I can talk about for this trip, so first, I will talk about the only group excursion we went on, to Bouma Falls on Taveuni.

The first waterfall we see

The falls are part of the Bouma National Heritage Park, and are considered Fiji’s most famous waterfalls, apparently! Oh Internet, the things I learn.

The trail to get to the first waterfall was easy, but it was the second waterfall that took some effort. I’m not a hiker, unfortunately, due to my bad hips, but thankfully there were steps most of the way.

Except for that time we had to cross a river with rope

We were rewarded with beautiful views, though.

View from the hike! Qamea is in the distance.

And here is where the camera gets that grainy look, because I switched to a waterproof throwaway camera.

I’ve never been in a waterfall before – the force at which they push you is pretty intense. It took a lot of work to swim into it. But I managed, almost at the cost of my top [note: don’t wear bikini tops without a lot of support to a waterfall]

Under a waterfall!

This was just one part of a big amazing trip for sure. ^^

And now, back to fighting the war to take back Earth! XD


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