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How is February Over?

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“The most wasted of all days is one without laughter.” – E.E. Cummings

Alright, so there are a few days left, but still. D:

This month was just as crazy as January. But I feel like I did a better job of setting aside time to focus on my writing.

My goals for this month had some carry over from February. But I feel like I finally have a dictionary as much as needed for now of my version of Enochian. Also, by writing group I mean a group of friends of mine, but that doesn’t matter, right? I feel more comfortable with people I know. We just go to a local Panera, sit in a booth, and eat breakfast and lunch there while working on writing. It’s really awesome. ^^

I’m also done with another round of edits, and by edits I mean digitally red lining the crap out of the book, so now I am going to actually go in and MAKE the edits. I’m kind of terrified. But also excited – in reading through again I thought of more ways to torment the characters. XD I haven’t gotten to writing a query letter yet, but honestly, that’s more something to do if I can, since I’m still heavily editing anyways. Maybe next month!

I’ve been doing *mostly* better on my eating habits. There were a couple slip ups, but I feel better right now that I did last month, so I guess that’s saying something! My goal for March is to get back on track and more meals cooked at home.

And I have been walking to work now, since my car is broken down. Which is unfortunate, but I’m finding that the walk in the morning is really nice and gets my head into a really positive place before getting to the day job. Which is, as always, a day job.

And best of all, we’ve been trying to make more time on the weekend to go out and do things, explore the cities around us, etc. It allowed us to get this gorgeous day at the beach.

A day in Laguna Beach

Onwards to March!


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