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Adventure Time Tuesday – Berlin Dome!

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“Berlin combines the culture of New York, the traffic system of Tokyo, the nature of Seattle, and the historical treasures of, well, Berlin.”  – Hiroshi Motomura

The first time I went to Berlin, Germany was in September of 2009. The first lesson I learned:

It’s much colder in Germany in September than it is in southern California. I actually hadn’t even packed socks. *hangs head* It didn’t help that I really didn’t own socks [okay, I still don’t own many pairs].

One of the most important parts of this trip is that I was introduced officially to currywurst.


And it was good. 8D

One of the many sights that I got to see on this trip was the Berlin Dome. It holds a lot of historical significance in the city, as well as being a church and also a concert hall at times.

The Dome from a distance

There is a lot of damage on the outside of the building still from the war. This area has seen a lot.

The inside is just astonishing.

Visitors are able to walk to the top of the dome to look out over the city. For a newcomer, it was a great way to see the size of the city.

Berlin from above

And then my favorite picture from the day. XD

aww <3 you too, Berlin!


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