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Adventure Time Tuesday – Claude Monet!

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“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love.” – Claude Monet

When I went to France back in July 2008, it was to see my now husband for the second time. This man is truly amazing, because he was able to plan an amazing two week trip that involved pretty much everything that made me just beyond happy. One of the biggest surprises was when he took me to Claude Monet’s home. YES. When he revealed this to me, I might have wanted to marry him on the spot.

I love appreciating art [note: appreciating, not dissecting the hell out of ;)] – I took two semesters of Art History and had debated majoring in it, but the need to get out of college overtook changing majors at that point. But it’s something that I still enjoy very much. So when Antonio drove me to Giverny as our first stop on our road trip for the weekend, I was beside myself, and also not sure what quite to expect.

A view of the gardens of Monet's home

The house is simple, quaint, and interesting – I don’t believe pictures may have been allowed inside, as I have none [man what is happening to my memory!], but I remember lots of different colored walls that had made me laugh – I liked his taste. But it was the gardens that just had me stunned. It was like stepping into one of his paintings.

I about lost it though when we came upon this view:

The bridge from Monet's Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies

I might sound like I’m exagerrating, but I was really, really, excited to be seeing this bridge. It was so amazing to me that I was getting to stand where Claude Monet painted, seeing what he had seen. *goosebumps* Call me a dork, but man does my husband know the way to my heart. XD It was a bit more overgrown than in the painting, but still, it was there.

There were of course also so many water lilies, and the weeping willows, and flowers everywhere, and man, it was a great day.

Weeping Willow over the pond

I leave you with some pictures of flowers from the garden, just because!


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