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January Is Over!


“Know how to live the time that is given you.” – Dario Fo

I can’t believe that January is pretty much over. It feels like it went so fast, I couldn’t even keep up with it. I feel like every weekend I was gone and most weeknights I was swamped with stuff to do.

I spent my last weekend of January in Las Vegas, and it was extremely amazing and fun and full of terrible food and little sleep. I don’t go to Vegas to party, I go to eat. XD

February I plan on getting myself back on track [for real this time] and focusing on staying healthy more. I have no trips coming up for a few months, which is when I tend to fall flat on my face the most.

I also plan of course to work on my writing still. The first month I had laid out some plans on what I needed to focus on.

I keep my goals on my monitor to keep me on track

With most of these points done, I can add more goals in February, and I think that sticking to this has been really helping me with moving forward. Editing is definitely proving itself to be a beast of a task, but it is also helping me discover a lot more about the characters and story, which I am enjoying.

My pile of books for research keep building

So, here’s to February being another productive, healthy – and insanely busy – month. Oy!


2 thoughts on “January Is Over!

  1. I know, where did the month go? Best of luck being more productive in February. Let’s do this.

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