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Adventure Time Tuesday – Ireland!

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Back in 2008, I found myself unexpectantly in Cork, Ireland. My digital camera was unfortunately not working, but I took tons of pics with disposable ones.

My trip was very short, but it was really fun. I got to see Blarney Castle, and also the city Cobh, the last port the Titanic stopped at (I’m a dork, I know).


Me getting the gift of the gab!

Ireland is, in general, gorgeous. It’s green and full of trees and hills, and even though it was cold I loved it. One day that I had to spend alone, I walked the streets of Cork trying to find the train station and got lost, but met great people.


Watching a cruise ship come to port in Cobh

I would love to go back someday to see more or Ireland. This was definitely not enough. I would also love to visit the town that my family is from – I think that would be an awesome experience.


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