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Adventure Time Tuesday – Haleakalā!

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“Get busy living, or get busy dying.” — Stephen King

2012 has been proving much easier than planned, and with trying to squeeze in writing and editing, it’s definitely interesting juggling so many things.

BUT it is Tuesday, and so here are some more pictures from my travels. At least I can try to commit to that for now!

Back in 2010, my partner and I went to Maui, Hawaii, as our first official vacation that didn’t involve one of us having to leave the country to go home afterwards. I’d never been there, which I think might be considered blasphemy for Southern Californians.

There are so many beautiful pictures from that trip, it’s hard to pick only two for now. This is one of the many pictures I took of the sunset from our balcony. We didn’t stay in a hotel – we actually stayed in an apartment that a family back East rents out, called The Fish Condo. It’s adorable and it was awesome to feel like we were living on the island while we were there. And this view was just killer.

One of the things that we also did was hike inside Maui’s active volcano, Haleakalā. The tallest point is 10,023 feet. It has the fourth best stargazing spot in the world. IT WAS CRAZY. My digital camera died by this point in the trip, but I actually really liked the way those pictures came out, looking like it had one of those fancy hipster filters on it. Hiking inside a volcano is ridiculous more on the way up than on the way down – sand is hard to walk up in.

This looks close, but it isn't. There is a whole path that goes down to the right of this picture.

This hike was gnarly, though beautiful. But by the end I had sworn I wouldn’t make it. I may have uttered the words “Go on without me” to my then the man who was my fiance for only a week at that moment. XD I am not weak, but my hips disagree, and they were in bad pain when we started going up. Luckily for me my partner pretty much pushed me half the way up. He’s a keeper.

Sunset from the top of the world

So some lessons learned on this part of the trip:

  • Walking up sands sucks.
  • It gets really cold this high really fast [a fun fact we forgot when packing and so were not prepared for].
  • Throw away cameras are still kind of cool.

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