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Goals for 2012

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” – Albert Einstein

Hope everyone had an amazing New Year’s! In my home we celebrated with wine and playing Talisman [which yes, I bought because they play it on The Big Bang Theory, what]. It was a fun game, and appropriately frustrating. And I mixed wine with things I shouldn’t have, and so now I have another mix to add to my DO NOT list. XD

Most people set resolutions for the New Year, which is why my Pilates classes are going to be much fuller than usual for a good month until those people decide to drop out. Not all, but some, certainly. Just saying. We all know this is true.

I have decided to set goals instead of resolutions for 2012. My health is something that I have to constantly track, so making that a resolution wouldn’t be doing much.

I have goals split up by month, but the basic goals are:

  • Determine if I need an agent
  • If I do, get one!
  • If I don’t, get an editor!
  • Get a publisher!

These are crazy goals, and I’m excited/anxious/terrified, but I feel that if I push for these, then at least I am on the right path. My monthly goals should definitely lead me in the right direction.

Hope that whatever your New Year’s resolutions, you have a great 2012! *cheers*


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