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On Eating Paleo

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The belly rules the mind.  ~Spanish Proverb

I think part of the journey of trying to be healthy is admitting when I make mistakes. This was my first holiday Paleo, and I failed pretty terribly. I did stay away from anything with gluten in it, as the consequences of eating that is extremely damaging, but dairy, oh dairy, my weakness.

My family is very supportive of what I am doing to try to be healthy. They were the ones that took me to the emergency room when I was at my sickest, and they were there with me constantly, and have seen my struggle over the years as I tried to figure out what would make me feel better. They are always buying gluten-free items when we are having family gatherings, or making sure that when we go out to eat I will have options.

My mom has this delicious macaroni and cheese she has always made that I haven’t eaten since early in the year, and this Christmas she was so excited that she was able to make it for me with gluten-free pasta. It was super sweet that she went out of her way to make a separate dish [because she made a normal version of it too] for me. I didn’t argue either, or let her know ahead of time not to, even though I knew I shouldn’t have the dairy. But THE CHEESE. Oh the cheese. I used to take lactaid pills…a lot. And this is how my mom knows I handle dairy, so she doesn’t always think about the fact that I shouldn’t be eating it.

So unfortunately, I fell off the boat a lot this weekend. But I know that this is definitely a journey, and it’s not necessarily an easy journey. But I ate dairy again, and felt how it affected me, even with the lactaid pills, and am reminded that I can’t eat it. I know that I need to work with my family on educating them more on what I can and can’t eat, and not be afraid to speak up and say when I can’t eat something. Prior to the holidays I was sticking to the Paleo Plan meal plans, and was feeling better. I was also really enjoying cooking and trying new meals.

Now that the holidays are over, I can jump back up and get myself on the path to being healthy again. I know that there will be times that I fall again, but I need to just remember that I can’t be perfect, that if I fall I just need to move on and keep working at being healthy! If you have any insight on refusing cravings, please feel free to share!!


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