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February has come and gone!

Recently Updated3 I feel that it is no surprise anymore that every month is a crazy one. Right? Let’s just go with that assumption going forward. February I:

  • Got a Disneyland pass for the first time in several years
  • Had to go through the loss of a family pet due to leukemia :(
  • Went to Vegas with an awesome group of friends
  • Went to my second Southern California Writer’s Conference
  • Went to my first Galentine’s Event with Defective Geeks that was a serious blast! So many new awesome lady friends from that evening. You can click on the link for more pictures and silliness. <3

What a roller coaster of a month.

1. Being a writer is my second job. I’m continuing to push myself to get more writing done! I submitted my short story to the Yaoi Con Anthology contest, which was a really great exercise in getting something done on a timeline. Also, and more importantly, the Southern California Writers Conference was AMAZING. I also registered for the Sunriver Summit in Oregon and the September conference. I am not able to do as much cosplay now, BUT I feel that this is all leading to something that I really am meant to do.

2. More video. DANG IT.

3. More me time. I’ve been persevering. I went to Vegas over the weekend, but I have been making sure to keep my weeknights as free as possible, and even weekends, as I start scheduling things even into April APRIL. Who is scheduling things for April already. It’s crazy.

Here’s to March! I fly to Boston this week and it’s so cold there. What a start to the month.

What does March hold for you?

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Wandering Wednesday – The Witch in the Museum

One of the things I love to do in Berlin is visit their museums. There is no shortage of them, and they always have amazing exhibits and galleries. This time we went to the Alte Museum, to see the Maori Exhibit. There was no photography allowed, but it was a really interesting and moving exhibit to see the portraits and read the stories of those people.

There was so much to see, including art by my all time favorite artist Caspar David Friedrich. Sadly he happened to be on the same floor as the Maori one, so there was still no photography allowed. :( But getting to see new pieces by him was so cool.

The statues that were on display were also exquisite. This one I was particularly drawn to – the details on the wing was mind blowing. I can’t find any information about who the artist was, but I do remember that it was meant to represent a witch.

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Wandering Wednesday – The Shadow In LACMA

I’m recovering from a nasty plague that hit me after my weekend at the Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego. It was an amazing weekend though, and really I recommend to anyone who is a writer that you attend similar conferences in your area when you can. The community of writers is an amazing one, and it’s always so invigorating to be around so many awesome, creative people.

I hadn’t intended to post this picture this week, but when I was going through pics I thought that the hallway picture looked interesting as a thumbnail, and then I opened it up and freaked out for a moment.

I don’t recall the order I saw everything in this exhibit, and I’m not one to usually be freaked out by pictures, but at first glance this gave me goosebumps. I still don’t know what it is but I’m just going to leave it here for interpretation. XD



Wandering Wednesday – Wernigerode, The Eagle and BatDog

Short post today, as I’m slammed with prepping for the SCWC this weekend and submitting a short story for a contest, BUT I wanted to share these two pictures because they just make me laugh every time I see them. Something about their facial expressions, it’s like they are very startled that someone is standing in front of them.

Now I am not sure what creatures these statues represent [if you do know, please tell me, internet research has failed me]. But I also laugh that the creatures at the front look terrified, while the lizard/dragon and boar behind them look ready to fight. Someone wasn’t ready for their job on the front lines.

Okay, I’ll stop making jokes now.

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