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Wandering Wednesday – Welcome To Spring!

Welcome to the first Wednesday of spring! Though the weather doesn’t change too drastically here in southern California, I still enjoy when spring officially starts because it usually signifies when the days feel longer. The sun is out longer, I can walk to work because it’s warmer in the mornings. My allergies officially kick in. To celebrate, I thought I would pull pictures of flowers from all my travels! I think it’s great that no matter where you go, flowers are still beautiful and fun to photograph.

Dubrovnik, Greece

Dubrovnik, Greece

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Wandering Wednesday – These Streets

Ever go back through your pictures and find some things you’ve taken a picture of, but you don’t recall what it is or where exactly. But it looks really cool? I tend to have a lot of those. I needed a bit of cheering up tonight, so I thought I would look for some interesting pictures to take my mind off things. Here are a few I found, maybe I’ll share more another time. These are pictures that I generally don’t show because they are so off-kilter, but they are still fun to me.


This was taken somewhere in Berlin.

Cruise 2012 239

Taken somewhere in the resort we went to in the Caribbean.


Window in the Wernigerode Castle in Germany.

Short post today, just got back from a trip to Las Vegas to sad news of a coworkers passing from cancer. Hug everyone you know and care for. <3


Wandering Wednesday – A Series Of Statues

Last time I had some pictures from one of the marble statues in the Alte Museum in Berlin, and I realized that I took pictures of all my favorites! So here is a collage of my favorite statues. I notice now there is a trend. ;)

I have one more weekend of trips, and then I am home until May. Thank goodness, I’m really exhausted from traveling. I never thought I would hear myself say such things!


From Top Left:

  1. Psyche, Bertel Thorvaldsen, 1806
  2. Pan comforting Psyche, Reinhold Begas, 1858.
  3. Psyche discovers Eros, 
  4. Statue of the Princesses Luise and Friederike of Prussia, Johann Gottfried Schadow, 1795-1797
  5. Bust of Victory, Christian Daniel Rauch
  6. Seated Victoria, Throwing a Wreath, Christian Daniel Rauch, 1836-1845
  7. Dornröschen, Louis Sußmann-Hellborn

I did my best to research the two unknowns above, but to no avail! If you know more about them feel free to let me know.

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February has come and gone!

Recently Updated3 I feel that it is no surprise anymore that every month is a crazy one. Right? Let’s just go with that assumption going forward. February I:

  • Got a Disneyland pass for the first time in several years
  • Had to go through the loss of a family pet due to leukemia :(
  • Went to Vegas with an awesome group of friends
  • Went to my second Southern California Writer’s Conference
  • Went to my first Galentine’s Event with Defective Geeks that was a serious blast! So many new awesome lady friends from that evening. You can click on the link for more pictures and silliness. <3

What a roller coaster of a month.

1. Being a writer is my second job. I’m continuing to push myself to get more writing done! I submitted my short story to the Yaoi Con Anthology contest, which was a really great exercise in getting something done on a timeline. Also, and more importantly, the Southern California Writers Conference was AMAZING. I also registered for the Sunriver Summit in Oregon and the September conference. I am not able to do as much cosplay now, BUT I feel that this is all leading to something that I really am meant to do.

2. More video. DANG IT.

3. More me time. I’ve been persevering. I went to Vegas over the weekend, but I have been making sure to keep my weeknights as free as possible, and even weekends, as I start scheduling things even into April APRIL. Who is scheduling things for April already. It’s crazy.

Here’s to March! I fly to Boston this week and it’s so cold there. What a start to the month.

What does March hold for you?


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