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Wandering Wednesday – Fantasy Bust at LACMA

So for the first time ever, even though I am a born and raised Southern Californian, I had never been to LACMA until a few weekends ago.

I generally don’t pay much attention to statues/busts/etc, not for any particular reason except that I just don’t often find one that pulls my eye, but something about this one in particular caught my attention and I just looked at her for minutes and minutes, staring at the intricate detailing.

So this is Fantasy Bust by Albert-Ernest Carrier Belleuse, using Terracotta. Maybe it was because it was in a different medium than stone I was interested? Proof again also that you don’t always need to travel far to find something new and exciting to experience!


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Wandering Wednesday – Gargoyle?

I’m completely exhausted from working out twice a day and waking up early to do so, because I am unable to go to sleep at a decent time to compensate. Just so you have an idea of where I am mentally.

I discovered some pictures I took at Knott’s Berry Farm once, when I was apparently trying to be fancy with the camera because that’s what you do there. I guess. XD To be fair, I can only go on so many rides there

SO here is a picture of a gargoyle in a fountain, I think he was spitting out water? Why does Knott’s have gargoyles in the fountain in the summer, anyway? I’m confused.

That’s my mental capacity for today, folks. See you next week!

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Let’s Talk About Cosplay – Creating My Apollo Wig [Part 1]

So along with writing and traveling, I also enjoy cosplay from time to time – which is the creating of costumes depicting fictional characters. I’ve been cosplaying since 2006, and it really strikes a chord with me due to my background in theater.

Today I wanted to share with you part of the process by which I created my latest cosplay, the Greek god Apollo, from the manga Olimpos.


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Wandering Wednesday – A Moment of Silence

I know that pretty much everyone who was even a little exposed to Robin Williams’s career is talking about their reactions to his passing, and while normally with celebrity deaths I don’t feel I need to comment, this week, I feel I do.

Like the stories of so many people, Robin Williams was an integral part of my childhood. He was a silly alien I sometimes spotted on the TV at night. He was a crazy bat who sang a song that to this day I can still repeat verbatim on command. He was the genie to end all genies. He was Peter Pan. I’ve watched so many of his movies more times than I can count repeatedly, because no matter how many times I watched them they made me smile, laugh, sing along.

I cried at work when I saw the news start trickling across social media channels. I didn’t think I would get so emotional, but as someone I know put it – we just weren’t ready to live in a world without him. I can’t even imagine what his family and friends are going through right now.

I think another reason it is resonating with me so hard is that I have lost a close friend to suicide, and it still hurts to this day to think about. It just hurts knowing that there was someone I knew, and there was nothing I could do to help them see that they didn’t have to leave. Hearing when others are going through the same thing, it just pains me so much.

So this week I’ve chosen a picture that represents a moment of serenity and peacefulness that I know I have needed since yesterday, and maybe others do, too.

You are all loved, and please, talk to someone if you are feeling troubled. Maybe it won’t fix everything, or anything, but maybe it can help a little. People will be there to listen.



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